Private Agricultural Farm Experience

Visit a farm in the countryside and join a farmer in his/her daily evening routine with the farm animals. You will have the opportunity to feed chickens, geese, rabbits and pigs. You will be shown how to milk a goat and you can then try yourself a hands-on experience milking a goat. You will also see how the traditional Sifnian cheese (gylomeni manoura) is produced. Participants, if preferred, could also only watch the farmer feed the animals and milk the goats. Local delicacies and a glass of wine will be served at the farm.

The «gylomeni manoura» is a unique product of Sifnos. Although one can find on the internet a few descriptions of how to make this unique cheese, the fact is that there are secrets involved in the fermentation and maturation process which are known only to the local producers and who do not share this information with anyone, as they prefer to maintain the secrecy involved, thus preserving the uniqueness of this cheese’s elements and flavors.

The tour starts at 19:00 am and lasts for approximately 2,5 hours.

Prices 2023
2 - 4 Persons On Request Per person
Tour Days from May to September
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Price includes: Private transfers from/to the hotel, the visit to the farm, a treat at the farm and the farmer who speaks adequate English for this agricultural experience. The farmer meets the participants at the farm [the farmer does not escort the participants during the transfers from/to the hotel].

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