Tourist information and Serifos island guide.

Serifos Port In the heart of the Cyclades Islands, Serifos 73 km² (28 miles²), with 1,450 inhabitants and a total of 12 km or 7½ miles of sandy beaches, is a whole world fulfilling everybody's dream of an Aegean Island. Bare, undulating hills interspersed with small, fertile valleys cover this picturesque island. The rocky coastline is deeply indented with a succession of coves and bays.

A church in Serifos Serene landscape with rolling hills dotted with small churches and monasteries, sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters, famous monuments from the lands ancient and medieval past, picturesque white villages bathed in the dazzling Aegean light. All this, along with warm hospitality, excellent tourist facilities and a rich cultural life, have combined to make Serifos one of the favourite spots in the Cyclades Islands.

Chora (Serifos town) HORA (SERIFOS TOWN). Perched on the top of a steep hill, Hora or Serifos, the main town of the island, with its little cube-shaped houses, churches in the island style, and its Venetian castle above, looks like a fairytale town. It is amphitheatrically built on a rock hill overlooking its port of Livadi. At the top of the hill there are the ruins of a Venetian Castle, which was used to protect the island. In the area of the castle, on the ruins of the ancient temple of Athena, carved in the rock, there is the small church of Agios Ioannis Theologos. The castle was destroyed on 1210 after being attacked by pirates.

The town is separated in two areas, the old town "Pano Hora" and the newer one "Kato Hora". "Pano Piatsa" is the old commercial centre with the Town Hall, a neoclassical building built in 1907 and the Metropolitan Temple of Agios Athanasios.

The village of Panagia 4km (2½ miles) north of Hora, with its whitewashed alleys, takes its name (Our Lady) from the dedication of most important Byzantine church on Serifos."Panagia" is a fine 10th century church which commands a panoramic view of the whole island. Unfortunately, only a few samples of its frescos are visible today.

Chora (Serifos town) view from the port 1km away from Panagia to the northeast is the village of Galani, from here its recommended that you visit the Monastery of Taxiarches, a beautiful monastery, it was founded around 1600 and looks like a fortress. In the church many religious relics are kept although once again few samples of frescos are left to be seen today.

Livadi. The village that is the most developed in terms of tourism is Livadi, located underneath the capital. It lies on a wonderful green valley and reaches the sea, through a majestic sandy beach. Livadi has the greatest concentration of hotels and clubs, although you will certainly find rooms to let in other villages.


Psili Amos beach, Serifos Among the many beautiful bays on Serifos some of the most famous include Koutalas, Agios Sostis, Agios Ioanis, Sikamia and Psili Amos.

Livadi beach, Serifos Swimming is an absolute delight since the water is clean and you can also enjoy water sports, such as wind surfing, water skiing and paddle boating on Megalo Livadi.