3 Star hotels in Santorini

Our range of 3 star hotels in Santorini covers all areas of the island,
including the towns and villages of Fira, Kamari, Perissa and Akrotiri.

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 DROSSOS Hotel, Perissa, Santorini.  Cat B'
DROSSOS Hotel, Perissa, Santorini.  Cat B'
Built in 1999, the Drossos Hotel, is the newest in the group belonging to the Drossos family. The superior design and local architecture of the Drossos hotel are combined with modern facilities to ensure the best living conditions for your visit to Santorini.
 KAMARI BEACH Hotel, Kamari, Santorini.  Cat B'
KAMARI BEACH Hotel, Kamari, Santorini.
You will find the Kamari Beach Hotel situated on an endless black sandy beach in Santorini, the most unique island in the world with archaeological, geological, architectural and folkloric interest.
 LOUCAS Hotel, Fira, Santorini. Cat B'
santorini hotels - Loucas Hotel. Situated high on the cliffs overlooking the world-renowned volcano of Santorini, is where you will find the Loucas hotel.
The Loucas Hotel is situated high on the cliffs overlooking the world-renowned Caldera and volcano of Santorini. The charming Santorini 'cave' style rooms of the Loucas hotel have spectacular views of the Aegean sea and of the famous Volcano. All rooms are air-conditioned with bathroom, satellite TV, telephone, fridge, hair dryer and safety deposit boxes.
 MATHIOS VILLAGE Hotel, Akrotiri, Santorini.  Cat B'
MATHIOS VILLAGE Hotel, Akrotiri, Santorini.
Overlooking the heart of the sunny Aegean is the Mathios Village Hotel, a family run hotel established in 1989 near the village of Akrotiri, well known for it's archaeological and traditional points of interest.
 ROUSSOS BEACH Hotel, Kamari, Santorini. Cat B'
ROUSSOS BEACH Hotel, Kamari, Santorini.
The Roussos Beach Hotel located on the beach in Kamari is a modern building, that harmoniously blends the traditional Aegean architectural style of Santorini with modern facilities.