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 APOLLONION HOUSE, Apollonia, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Apollonion House, Apollonia, Sifnos.
The Apollonion House is an accommodation complex with three (3) Apartments, located in Apollonia town, only 100 m. from the central square. The tavernas and shops of Apollonia are all very near-by as is the bus stop. The Apartments are built based on the traditional architecture of the island, they offer tasteful and stylish interior decor.
 CAPTAIN’S HOME ARTEMONAS, Artemonas, Sifnos. keykeykey
Captain's Home, Artemonas, Sifnos.
Captain’s Home Artemonas is a traditional, detached house, situated on 6000 sq.meters of land surrounded by olive trees and flower gardens just outside Artemonas village, 200 m. from the central square, 1.2 km from Apollonia and 6 km from the nearest sandy beach. It offers great views of the surrounding scenery and nearby villages, as well as the Aegean sea in the distance.
 CAPTAIN’S HOME KAMARES, Kamares, Sifnos. keykeykey
Captain's Home Kamares, Kamares, Sifnos.
Captain's Home Kamares is a single house that occupies the entire first floor of a traditional building, situated only 200 meters from the sandy beach, 400 meters from the port and a short walking distance from many shops, cafés and restaurants. It panoramically overlooks the Kamares bay, the sea and mesmerizing sunsets.
 ELIES Resorts, Vathi, Sifnos.  Cat LUX'
Elies resort, a 5 star hotel in Vathi, Sifnos
Elies Resorts Hotel was built in 2004. It is the only De Luxe hotel on the island and the most luxurious one, designed to provide a most memorable vacation. The beauty of the surrounding scenery plus the highest operating and quality standards are blended together to please even the most demanding guest, creating a luxurious 5 star atmosphere.
 FILADAKI Home, Kamares, Sifnos. keykeykey
Filadaki Home, Kamares, Sifnos
Filadaki Home is a new house in Kamares with a magnificent view of the sea. Where you can enjoy your coffee or drink in the yard, lavish with colorful flowers and warm sunsets. It is close to the beach, shopping, supermarkets, cafes, yet far from the noise.
 GALLERY House, Apollonia, Sifnos. keykeykey
Gallery House, Apollonia, Sifnos.
Gallery House is a single house that occupies the entire first floor of a traditional building, located right next to the “nightlife” alley of Apollonia, in the heart of all the happenings, just a few steps away from many shops, bars and restaurants and 300 meters from the main square where banks, taxi and bus stops are.
 GEROFINIKAS Hotel, Apollonia, Sifnos.  Cat C'
Gerofinikas, Apollonia, Sifnos
Gerofinikas Hotel is located on a quiet small road on the way to Kastro village, 1km. from Apollonia center and 2 Km before Kastro, with great panoramic view of Kastro village and the ocean, ideally set in a tranquil environment. Restaurants and shops are at 1 km, while the bus stop is 400 m. away and 6 km from the Nearest Sandy Beach.
 GLAROS HOUSE, Platy Yialos, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Glaros House, Platy Yialos, Sifnos
Glaros House is an independent exquisite house built in 2005 in a traditional style. Located directly on the waterfront of Platy Yialos beach. The veranda of the house is directly on the beach. The marvelous quality of this house in conjunction with its location makes it an ideal vacation home.
 HELIOS House, Faros, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Helios House, Faros, Sifnos.
Helios House is an elegant 2-storey maisonette house built in the traditional style of the island, which combines stone with wood. It shares the same plot of land with 3 more houses in a quiet area overlooking the bay of Faros, in the Southern part of the island, about 2.5 km from the beach (900 m walk along a beautiful panoramic footpath) and 5 km from the center of Apollonia, the main village of the island.
 KAMAROTI Suites, Artemonas, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Kamaroti Suites, Artemonas, Sifnos
Kamaroti Suites, built in 2011, is a small charming accommodation complex nestled on a natural amphitheater surrounded by an evergreen olive grove. It overlooks the antique village of Kastro with the blue backdrop of the magnificent Aegean Sea.
 KATIGIANNA House, Kastro, Sifnos. keykeykey
Katigianna House, Kastro, Sifnos.
Katigianna house, is located in the center of the village on the stone paved pedestrian footpaths of Kastro, in a very quiet neighborhood. It is 3 Km from Apollonia town. The nearest restaurant and bus stop is 200 m. away, the nearest pebble beach is at 300 meters and the nearest sandy beach is 8 Km away.
 MAISONS A LA PLAGE, Faros, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Maisons a la Plage, Faros, Sifnos.
Maisons a la Plage is a traditional complex of apartments situated only 100m from the beach of Fasolou, and on a short walking distance to the beaches of Faros and Glifo where one can find small, friendly village tavernas, enjoy traditional Sifnian dishes and fresh fish.
 NIRIEDES Suites Hotel, Platy Yialos, Sifnos.  Cat. A'
Niriedes Suites Hotel, Platy Yialos, Sifnos.  Cat. A'
The Niriedes Suites is an A' class hotel built in 2003. Located in Platys Yialos, at 50 m. from the water front and 100 m. from the beach (going downhill on steps), it offers a magnificent sea view and the slightly elevated position gives the impression of being perched above the waters edge.
 PLATY YIALOS Hotel, Platy Yialos, Sifnos. Cat B'
rooms on sifnos - Platy Yialos Hotel
Platy Yialos Hotel is a B’ class hotel, fully renovated in 2011, located in Platy Yialos, directly on the waterfront of Platy Yialos beach. The hotel is directly on the beach with its own private beach space and its outdoor hotel café is caressed by the sea.
Psacharopoulos House, Artemonas, Sifnos.
Psacharopoulos Neoclassical House is a detached two storey traditional house, elegantly spread over 1.5 acres of land in Agios Loukas in Artemonas, surrounded by beautiful courtyards and verandas offering panoramic views of the countryside, the villages of Pano and Kato Petalli, Apollonia, Exambela and the Aegean sea in the distance.
 ROSE Home, Apollonia, Sifnos. keykeykey
Sifnos accommodation - Rose Home
Rose Home is a detached house located in the quiet spot of Apollonia, on the pedestrian footpath leading to Kato Petali, which is accessible only on foot. The nearest bus stop and city center are only 100 meters away, while it is approximately 5 Km from the nearest sandy beach and port of Kamares.
 SELANA House, Chrysopigi, Sifnos. keykeykey
Selana House, Chrysopigi, Sifnos.
The Selana House is a traditional Sifnian house located in Chrysopigi, very tranquil location, 150 m. from a pebble beach and 300 m. from sandy beach, it offers a magnificent panoramic sea view and view of the famous Chrysopigi monastery.
 SELANA Suites, Chrysopigi, Sifnos. keykeykeykey** Special Offers Available **
Selana Suites, Chrysopigi, Sifnos.  Cat. A'
The Selana Suites were built in 2010. Located in Chrysopigi, in one of nicest areas of Sifnos, very tranquil, 250 m. from a pebble beach and 400 m. from sandy beach, it offers a magnificent panoramic sea view and view of the famous Chrysopigi monastery.
 TAZARTES House, Katavati, Sifnos. keykeykey
Sifnos accommodation - Tazartes House
Tazartes House is located in the very traditional and tranquil neighborhood of Katavati (suburb of Apollonia-main town) 500 meters from the central square of Apollonia, through the flagstone footpaths.
 TRADITIONAL ISLAND HOME, Apollonia, Sifnos. keykeykey
Sifnos accommodation - Traditional Island Home
Traditional Island Home is located in the tranquil neighborhood of Katavati (suburb of Apollonia-main town) 500 meters from the central square of Apollonia, accessible only through the flagstone footpaths. This historic house is a 19th century residence, which was originally built as the first school and has preserved its authenticity due to its thick stone walls, wooden beam floors and high beam ceilings, yet has now been equipped with all the comforts of a modern home.
 VERINA ASTRA Suites, Artemonas, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Verina Astra Suites, Artemonas, Sifnos.
The Verina Astra, built in 2008 and renovated in 2018, is located in Poulati area, 1 km from Artemonas center, 2 km from Apollonia town, 300 m. from the sea (rocky seashore & swimming location), and 6 km from the Nearest Sandy Beach.
 VERINA TERRA, Platy Yialos, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Verina Terra, Platy Yialos, Sifnos. Greece.
The Verina Terra was built in 2004. Located in Platys Yialos, 50 m. from the beach, surrounded by olive groves and nice gardens. It is a lovely complex comprising of 4 separate buildings giving the impression of small villas.
 VILLA ALEXIA, Chrysopigi, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Villa Alexia, Chrysopigi, Sifnos
The Villa Alexia is situated in a peaceful spot on the hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea, panoramic views of the sea, the famous monastery of Chrysopigi, and the nearby islands. It is a haven of peace and tranquillity even in the peak season, surrounded by verandas, olive trees and a small vineyard, while it is also close to two of the most popular island’s beaches.
 VILLA ARI, Apollonia, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Villa Ari, Chrysopigi, Sifnos
The Villa Ari is located in Exambela, a tranquil neighbourhood approximately 2 km from the central square of Apollonia. Set on an elevated position that allows for uninterrupted views of the Aegean sea and the neighboring islands, Villa Ari is an elegant, eight bedroom residence that captures the essence of an island summer home that can accommodate up to 15 guests.
 VILLA PELAGOS, Platy Yialos, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Villa Pelagos, Platy Yialos, Sifnos. Greece.
The Villa Pelagos, overlooks the Aegean Sea from the highest point of a hill and enjoys the most beautiful view of the gulf of Platys Gialos and the surrounding islands Sikinos, Folegandros and Ios.
 VILLA VERINA VATHI, Vathi, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Villa Verina Vathi, Vathi, Sifnos
The most luxurious villa on the island of Sifnos. Build in 2011, located directly on the beach of Vathi, on a 6-acre lot of land, it combines luxury, elegance, comfort and VIP service for its guests. Gracefully fusing a modern architectural approach with traditional Cycladic elements, this Villa complex is the epitome of elegance.
 VRISSI Villa, Apollonia, Sifnos. keykeykeykey
Villa Vrissi, Apollonia, Sifnos
Vrissi Villa is an exquisite model of Cycladic architecture, a truly traditional house, fully equipped, furnished and decorated with the outmost respect to the traditional style, built and decorated by a renown architect. It is a detached house in a quiet location, consisted of two buildings: The main house and the guest house, which can accommodate up to 10 persons.