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The Arolithos Hotel was created by the family of Mr. Saloustros with the intention of displaying their pride in their unique culture, and so the Arolithos hotel is filled with folkloric and artistic touches. Set in the village of Arolithos, the hotel is surrounded by the rugged grandeur of mountains with the wild carob trees, the lentisks, the gorse, the vineyards and olive groves of Crete.

The Arolithos Hotel was built in 1987 with 34 rooms, and general features of the hotel include a TV and video room, bar, gift shop, jewelry shop, safe, porter, information service.

Room facilities include air conditioning, daily cleaning, balcony furniture and mountain or town views.

In the village of Arolithos with its cobbled streets, and houses which have tiled roofs and terraces, the architecture is genuine Cretan whilst the materials are also genuinely old. Arolithos was created to remind visitors how Crete was several years ago.

In Arolithos you will find some genuine craftsmen and Cretan artisans at work, such us the ironsmith, the potter, the weavers etc. In the workshops one meets Cretan craftsmen full of artistry and zest for work. They work with clay, making vases and amphorae which are copies from the archaeological museum of Heraklion. One will hear the sound of the blacksmith's anvil that fills the old with nostalgic memories and teaches the young that once man used to create using his hands as tools and his imagination for designs.

In the shops of Arolithos one finds an endless variety of beautiful items of past times. The products are sold at very reasonable and affordable prices for travelers. At the taverna you may taste not only the Cretan wine and raki but also the Cretan cooking and the bread, baked in the traditional oven. Visitors have the chance to enjoy themselves by taking part in the folklore evening, during which a dance group presents dances from Crete and all over Greece.

At the old coffee shop, the keeper is eager to make frothy coffee boiled over ashes and treats one to a drink of "tsikoudia" with some walnuts or roasted chickpeas with artichokes and green broad beans.

Every summer, at the small church of the village many couples decide to join their lives and get married. They follow the Cretan customs and after the ceremony the couple and their quests celebrate till morning!!!
Additionally there are occasions where baptisms take place at the church and small children obtain their name from the Godmother or Godfather.

Arolithos is unique in Crete and in all Greece. Its aim is to show and promote the tradition of Crete to all, from all over the world. A great deal of travelers visit the village every year. They feel that they go back to another word, which is so different from that in which we live nowadays. Even if Arothithos was built only some years ago , it looks like an old village so close to the tradition of Crete.

  • The nearest town: 3km
  • The airport: 12km
  • The port: 10km
  • The beach: 5km

The Arolithos Hotel, Crete